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Website Technology Planner

If you’ve ever undergone a website redesign, you’ve learned some things along the way. And one of the things our clients learn very quickly is that they wish they had done more upfront planning. They wish they’d asked more questions and gotten clarity on their current technology and the desired functionality of the future website.

This planner helps you ask the right questions upfront to establish what technology is crucial for your next website. Before you release your website RFP and receive a ton of questions from consultants or colleagues, this planner walks you through each of the key considerations for building a new website and evaluating your current technology and processes.

This planner asks questions like:

  • Will you be migrating content from an existing website to a new website?
  • What third-party systems or tools does the website need to interact with?
  • Does your new website need to know that visitors to your website have signed in to a different application?
  • Are there any specific security requirements or policies in place in your organization?
  • How will you test to make sure you’re meeting accessibility standards?

Get started on the right foot with our Website Technology Planner.