Benchmarks for association marketing. We can hear you screaming, “Yasssss!”

Last year, we released our inaugural Marketing Benchmarks for Mission-Driven Organizations report based on data ‌we collected from our marketing maturity self-assessment, The Mighty GPS.

While those benchmarks were a step closer to determining whether your marketing efforts were behind, on pace, or ahead of organizations like yours, we knew what you really wanted and needed was benchmarking data from other associations only.

Enter the 2024 Marketing Benchmarks for Associations report, now available!

This year’s report breaks down:

  • The results of 2023 association responses to The Mighty GPS, our self-assessment for measuring your organization’s marketing maturity.
  • Year-over-year benchmarks to see where associations are improving or declining across the six key areas of marketing.
  • Which trends the most mature marketing teams are leveraging to be more effective, and how you can, too.
  • Actionable recommendations and best practices to increase your marketing effectiveness.
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Discover how your marketing compares to other associations.

“The benchmark report is such an amazing resource, and we’ve already taken new action steps since reviewing it! ”

- Kelsea Watson, Director of Marketing and Events, ATLIS

A Sneak Peak

40+ points

Associations that create content aimed at specific audiences score 40 points higher in marketing maturity on average.

34+ points

Associations that create measurable goals for their marketing efforts score 30 points higher in marketing maturity on average.

33+ points

Associations that conduct audience surveys and interviews score 34 points higher in marketing maturity on average.

Take The Mighty GPS

The Marketing Benchmarks for Associations report is created annually by associations who assess their own marketing maturity through The Mighty GPS. To get the most out of the benchmark report and compare your marketing effectiveness to other associations, we highly recommend you take The Mighty GPS before digging in. The Mighty GPS evaluates your marketing across six key categories. When all six categories are combined, a final “score” and “stage” are provided in a custom report to reflect your total marketing maturity.


Your stage of marketing maturity—Crawling, Walking, Running, or Soaring—is measured across six key marketing categories.

About Mighty Citizen

Marketing Benchmarks for Associations and The Mighty GPS™ are designed and managed by Mighty Citizen. For 25 years, we’ve helped mission-driven organizations increase their impact and improve the world through strategic thinking, engaging creative, and digital transformation.