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Successful Marketing Campaign Strategies for Small Teams

Mission marketers have unique challenges. Sometimes, it’s fundraising. Or member recruitment. Or enrollment strategies. Sometimes it’s just good ole’ brand awareness. Whatever the goal, your marketing campaigns help you get there. 

Join our marketing campaign experts, Joi and Alicia, for our first mighty webinar of the year! Delve into innovative strategies, practical tips, and proven tactics that will empower your marketing team to not only survive but thrive. Discover how to make the most of your resources, leverage digital tools effectively, and craft strategies that punch above their weight.

In one hour, we’ll cover the different aspects of a marketing campaign strategy, where attendees will learn how to set goals, define activities and tactics, uncover risks, discover new opportunities, and manage the campaign.

By the end of the presentation, you’ll:

  • Access tools to build your marketing campaign strategy
  • Understand what (and what not) to include in your campaign
  • Track results over time to analyze and optimize 

You can also download this free Marketing Campaign Template that walks you through the same sections our speakers do in the presentation, including creating goals for your campaign, key elements, logistics, and calendar.