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Mapping Your Organization’s Marketing Maturity

With The Mighty GPS™

The disciplines required to achieve your organization’s goals are always shifting and evolving. Today, the best practices and technology that stand up your marketing efforts look completely different than they did a decade ago. To keep up, you need to understand where your marketing is working and where it isn’t. That’s where marketing maturity comes in.

Simply put, marketing maturity is the journey to your organization’s “best self”. This white paper provides an in-depth look at marketing maturity. Within it, you’ll find more information about:

  • What marketing maturity is and why it’s important to measure it
  • The stages and categories of marketing maturity
  • The Mighty GPS™, Mighty Citizen’s 10-minute self-assessment for measuring marketing maturity

Every organization can benefit from measuring its marketing maturity. Download the whitepaper to get started!