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Webinar: Preparing Your Website for the Upcoming President’s Management Agenda

A webinar in partnership with GovLoop.

The Biden administration plans to release its President’s Management Agenda (PMA) soon, laying out its strategy for improving how agencies serve their constituents and carry out their missions. Once the PMA is released, agencies will need to quickly transition their digital services and websites to reflect the new direction. So how can agencies get ahead of the PMA and prepare those resources now?

View this quick, 45-minute session while experts cover how agencies can transition their websites to reflect the PMA and update legacy systems in the process. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices in leveraging your website to deliver information to constituents.
  • The biggest barriers to overcome when updating resources in anticipation of the PMA.
  • How to begin an audit of your website before the PMA is even released.

You will hear from these panel of experts:

  • Mike Steckel, UX Director, Mighty Citizen
  • Stephen Tidmore, VP of Technology, Mighty Citizen
  • Tina Pemberton, Digital Platform Lead, Federal Student Aid
  • Tait Chamberlain, Lead UX Designer, Federal Student Aid
  • Doug Mashkuri, GovLoop Moderator

Download our free white paper: Preparing Your Agency Website for the President’s Management Agenda