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The Mighty Branding Toolkit

We’re glad you’re here. It means you care about what people think of your organization.

But everyone needs a little help from their friends sometimes. That’s why we created The Mighty Branding Toolkit! Whether you’re learning the basics or smack dab in the middle of a rebrand and overwhelmed about how to prioritize and organize all the updates, this toolkit was designed to help.

Download the kit and we’ll send you links to access:

  • What a Brand is and What a Brand isn’t
  • Brand Evaluation Guide: Do you need a refresh or a reboot?
  • Brand & Marketing Asset Tracker
  • Communicating the Value of Brand to your Board

And if you find yourself saying “I need more help!” give us a shout. We’ve been passionate about branding for over 20 years and are pretty darn good at it.